UTF8 Encoder/Decoder

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What is UTF8?

UTF-8 stands for "Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit." It's a variable-width encoding system for Unicode characters, which means it can represent every character in the Unicode standard. UTF-8 is widely used because it's compatible with ASCII and can accommodate a variety of characters from different languages and symbols, all within a single encoding scheme.

In UTF-8, individual characters may use between 1 and 4 bytes. ASCII characters, like basic Latin letters and numbers, only use one byte in UTF-8, making it efficient for English and other languages that primarily use the Latin alphabet. UTF-8 is commonly used in web development, data storage, and any context where text needs to be manipulated or transmitted. Its flexibility and compatibility make it a popular choice for encoding text.

UTF-8 Character Encoding & Decoding

There are a few useful aspects that can be used with this tool such as browser testing, seeing what data provides a weak validation and how this may allow a bypassing of security checks. Likewise, you can use it to find out the bytes that are current in a certain input data. There are other examples as well when you encode your data you can see what the actual characters of the bytes are that it is made from.

Let us know some of the use cases that you are using the encoder for and if you have any questions and how we can improve the tool further.

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