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Morse Code Translator Online Tool

When you want to create something that can only be read by a certain few, you should use our morse code translator. This tool has become hugely popular for anyone on the lookout for an easy way to generate morse code – a popular form of code that has been in use for many, many years. Though many choose not to communicate in such a manner any longer, morse code really does make an intelligent choice for anyone trying to hide a message in a way that only a bespoke few will understand.

At the same time, you could be developing a movie scene or a video game that requires you to use morse code for a scene. Instead of trying to work out how to write this yourself, you can use our easy to work with morse code translator to make the whole process that bit easier. A morse code translation is a great way to hide data or information away from people who do not understand this particular kind of coding.

However, you could also use a morse code translator to give you a good idea of how to easily hide a message. It could also be a good way to add some stylistic change to the way that you work, ensuring you can add in something that feels a bit more obscure and hidden compared to what you might normally look to do.

Morse code translations are a wonderful choice for anyone trying to find an easy way to transform and adjust their text process. If you want to really speed up the process for developing morse code, though, just copy in the text – or write it from scratch – into the spot that has been provided on the left-hand side. Then, your morse code will appear as needed!

What is the history of Morse Code

Morse code is a system of representing letters and numbers using a series of dots and dashes. It was developed in the 1830s and 1840s by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail, and was first used for telegraphy, a method of communicating over long distances using electrical signals.

The code was later adapted for use in radio communications, and was also used during World War II by military personnel to communicate in the field. Today, while Morse code is no longer widely used for communication, it is still taught to pilots, amateur radio operators, and military personnel as a backup method of communication.

How to change text to morse code?

The Morse Code online translator tool allows you to convert plain text to English as well as morse code back to plain English. To carry out text to morse code, simply type your message in the left panel and you will see that it is automatically getting converted with a range of symbols “.” dot and “-” and/or “_”. The spacings will occur with a slash “/” or a pipe “|”.

Someone who is able to understand Morse Code without any interpretive equipment will be able to understand the message in a particular emergency situation. This is a very useful mechanism for sending across messages when the signal condition doesn’t work or voice is not a useful means of messaging.

Likewise, you can convert a set of morse code back into English. To do this simply enter the morse code into the right hand panel and you will see it get translated into English text on the left. With all the text you can copy and paste to wherever you’d like including Facebook, Twitter, Word and Excel. Let us know what you think to our morse code translator and if you can think we can improve it further? Simply get in touch with us through the contact page and we will be more than happy to assist.

Morse Code Translator Audio Function

With the morse code translator you can also play the sound through the audio device that has been integrated into the online tool. Simply type the text into the above panel and then you will see all the morse code generated above. Then you can play the morse code translator audio via the play button located above - please make sure the volume is turned up appropriately on the speakers or headphones in order to listen.

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