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Underliner Text Converter

If you’re looking for a fast, free and simple online underline tool then the underline text converter by Convert Case offers you a fantastic solution. Simply write up the text that you want converting (or simply paste it in, if you already have it on hand) in the first panel you see on the left and then you will see that the text is automatically getting generated by the converter on the next panel. You will then be able to go ahead and copy that specific underlined text and paste it wherever you like.

If you are looking for an example of italic text then please see below:

T̲h̲i̲s̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲a̲n̲ ̲e̲x̲a̲m̲p̲l̲e̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲u̲n̲d̲e̲r̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲t̲e̲x̲t̲.̲

Do you think we can improve on the underline text converter further? Send us across a message as we’d love to hear your suggestions. We read every single one at the Convert Case team.